A few words from my clients

Over the years I am proud to have made many guitars for several clients and in return they have written to me. I am pleased to share some of these testimonials with you.

"I remember the first time I met Simon at my workshop at Hulland Ward and I couldn’t get over his passion to learn how to make guitars. On the conclusion of our meeting, I agreed to provide one to one training. The plan was that we start from first principles theoretical underpinning, wood selection through to eventual finishing techniques and the final set up. Simon never stopped asking me questions, taking photographs, making notes and sketches with the cumulation of the training being that Simon built a first-class acoustic guitar, which he still possesses today. It is so pleasing to me to see Simon continuing to apply the teaching from all those years ago. Simon takes the art of Lutherie very seriously and I am so pleased he is following his passion. I wish Simon and Arden guitars all the very best for the future."
Alan Marshall
Northworthy Musical Instruments
"As a guitar tutor, I met with Simon over 25 years ago and during the years that we have known each other, I have seen many of the wonderful guitars he has created. When Simon asked me to play on his website, I had no hesitation in accepting as this provided a further opportunity to play his guitars. As a guitar tutor and professional musician, I have been fortunate to play many instruments over the years, but none of the hand-made quality and tonality of Simon’s Arden range of guitars. I am pleased to say that I have recently commissioned Simon and he is currently building an Arden (Hampton) for delivery next year."
Steve Harper
Professional Musician - Website:steveharpermusic.co.uk
"A few years ago, I was lucky enough to see and hear one of Simon’s early guitars and was immediately struck by the clear, resonant sound and superior quality of the workmanship. When we talked about the process, it was obvious that he is passionate and meticulous about creating the best possible instruments that he can. This starts with selecting exactly the right wood through to the very final polish. I was sold there and then. Though I’m just a novice player - and cannot truly do it justice - I appreciated then and still love today the aesthetic beauty and wonderful tones of the guitar that he made for me. "
DB Fellows (Warwickshire)
"I met with Simon in 2015 after being recommended by a mutual friend who also owned an Arden. I was struck by his understanding of guitar making and the selection of woods were amazing. I commissioned Simon to build a Tamworth ( the Arden OM equivalent), which I play every day and although sounded wonderful when I first picked it up, it is continuing to grow with me and is a stunning guitar."
A. Rollinson (Essex)

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