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Playing tunes on my creations

Steve Harper, (Professional musician) playing two Arden guitars, an Arden Hampton improvised blues number and an Arden Tanworth being played by Steve and his recital of Autumn leaves.

"As a guitar tutor, I met with Simon over 25 years ago and during the years that we have known each other, I have seen many of the wonderful guitars he has created. When Simon asked me to play on his on his website, I had no hesitation in accepting as this provided a further opportunity to play his guitars. As a guitar tutor and professional musician, I have been fortunate to play many instruments over the years, but none of the hand-made quality and tonality of Simon’s Arden range of guitars. I am pleased to say that I have recently commissioned Simon and he currently building an Arden (Hampton) for delivery next year."
Steve Harper
Professional Musician -

ADDRESS: 48 Ward Grove, Warwick, CV34 6QL

PHONE: 07901 758951